Healthcare Foundation
of Cape Cod

When the Healthcare Foundation of Cape Cod realized that they needed a better way to communicate their fundraising efforts to area residents, they knew two things. The first was that they would need to address growing concerns among donors that their contributions were not being used effectively. And the second was that they needed Nova Healthcare Marketing.


Nova began working with Cape Cod Healthcare when they helped create a strategic marketing plan to unite the three main elements that formed the system—Cape Cod Hospital, Falmouth Hospital, and the Visiting Nurses Association of Cape Cod—into a coherent whole that the public would understand and trust.


The Healthcare Foundation of Cape Cod, the system's fundraising apparatus, asked Nova to create an annual report that would increase donations, be more user-friendly, and recognize key donors.


Nova first conducted focus groups to understand what information donors would find most valuable, and then designed an annual report that guided readers through the Foundation's yearly activities. The annual report listed key fundraising events and steps taken during the year to improve area healthcare. The format enabled the Foundation to thank its existing donors while also encouraging further acts of philanthropy. The new report highlighted select donors and the significant improvements their contributions made possible.