JSA Medical

Retirees were heading south for the winter. And the summer, spring and fall, too. In fact, Florida was experiencing one of the fastest growing migrations in the US in the past 50 years. JSA Medical Group, the largest physicians group in the greater Tampa Bay area, was hoping to attract these new patients, but was finding patient crossover to be quite a challenge. They needed a way to capture the attention of this newfound community and show them what JSA had to offer. So Nova Healthcare Marketing packed up and headed south.


JSA Medical Group is comprised of 27 clinics, 42 affiliated facilities, and 80 physicians with offices across five neighboring counties.


JSA wanted to establish itself as the leading healthcare provider among retired, senior and geriatric groups and recruit new physicians to the medical group. Competition was fierce among a large number of medical providers.


Nova's consumer research revealed that patients wanted information on how to best maintain good health in their golden years—how to "age well". Though eager to learn, most were not computer savvy. Magazines and newsletters were the preferred source for information.

Through logo redesign and the addition of the tagline "Age Well," Nova re-branded JSA to establish them as the leaders in "healthy aging." Television spots were created to reinforce JSA's philosophy of teaching and practicing healthy aging. Finally, Nova developed Age Well, a JSA publication designed to address the interests of an older audience and personalized for the Tampa region.