Heritage Retirement

Heritage at Falmouth knew it was something special. Drowning in a crowded sea of competing retirement homes, it needed a marketing "life preserver"— a way to differentiate itself as a unique, yet comprehensive facility. But without a marketing team to tackle these challenges, rough waters were definitely ahead. So it sent out a signal for help—and Nova Healthcare Marketing jumped right in.


Heritage at Falmouth found itself in the midst of a crowded field of retirement homes in a region with a wealthy, aging demographic.


Heritage at Falmouth establish a clearly defined marketing direction, differentiate from other retirement homes by articulating a unique, luxurious way of living, and support client privacy while still promoting the social and service elements of the facility.


While visiting the facility, Nova Marketing identified key characteristics that enabled them to define the unique lifestyle at Heritage at Falmouth.

The vehicle designed to express this lifestyle was a high-end brochure, named "Lifestyles." Nova created a series of client profiles that demonstrated how Heritage at Falmouth combines a respect for privacy with the care, activities, service and sociality expected at a top retirement community. The brochure accentuated the hospitable atmosphere of the facility by depicting its elegant architecture and landscape, evoking the feeling of a warm and welcoming resort.