Cape Cod Healthcare

Cape Cod Healthcare was facing a difficult challenge. How could they—a regional healthcare organization—compete with the larger, well-reputed Boston hospitals? Despite their impressive facilities and comprehensive medical services, changing the perceptions of the quality and variety of care that was available on Cape Cod was a daunting task, to say the least. So they called on Nova Healthcare Marketing.


Though unchallenged by other hospitals in its geographic area, CCHC competes with large Boston hospitals for patients receiving advanced medical care.


To change perceptions about the quality and variety of care available on Cape Cod. To stop outward migration and recapture the group of patients that was defaulting to Boston for some treatments.


Nova's consumer research revealed that many older, more affluent individuals, believed "it's only good if it's in Boston" with regard to healthcare. They had no knowledge of advances in medical technology or the growing number of exceptional physicians on Cape Cod. Research also revealed that older and affluent consumers were not responding to traditional consumer advertising.The target group showed a high demand for very specific information about local health services and care options with home mail delivery as the preferred mode of communication. In response, Nova developed a high-end consumer health magazine for Cape Cod Healthcare with detailed discussion of the latest advances in care available through the system.