SNE Rehabilitation

The Southern New England Rehabilitation Center needed a little rehab of its own. SNERC, as it is known to Rhode Island residents, was the area's leading rehabilitation center. Yet it was quickly becoming lost in an ever-growing crowd of similar facilities. And though the quality of the services offered at SNERC was unmatched, they still couldn't seem to get patients' attention. Until Nova Healthcare Marketing got them back on their feet.


St. Joseph Health Services of Rhode Island, the state's Catholic healthcare system, found its rehabilitation center, Southern New England Rehabilitation Center (SNERC), drowning in a crowded sea of tertiary care providers and community hospitals, all competing to attract the same rehab patients.


Nova's challenge was to improve audience awareness of SNERC to recapture not only its dwindling market share, but also the attention of community members, who seemed to be growing increasingly unsure where to turn in the crowded rehabilitation market.


Forgoing the usual advertising headlines, Nova decided to create a series of print ads focusing on the definitions of such words as "rehabilitate", "compassion" and "independent"—words that echoed the sentiments and goals of SNERC. The ads underscored the importance of these ideals to SNERC's mission, while reinforcing the fact that the Southern New England Rehabilitation Center continued to define rehab in Rhode Island. Aggressive placements in local media ensured delivery to a wide and diverse audience.