Turning a PATIENT into a loyal CUSTOMER

The healthcare marketplace is more competitive than ever.

Due to such factors as decreasing reimbursement amid increasing costs, specialty centers cutting into hospital revenue generators, an increased demand for first-rate care as the first of 77 million baby boomers turn 60 this year, and a longer life expectancy, the need to attract patients is stronger than ever. But these are not yesterday's patients. This generation is more involved in their healthcare than any other before them, demanding more convenience, more technology and more choices. They're researching, studying and seeking to make more informed decisions. They have become consumers—and your hospital, practice or facility is the store.

A puzzling problem faces the healthcare industry. Providers have multiplied in recent years, adding more and more difficult choices for today's patients in an already over-populated sea of mixed messages and misinformation. And as time is increasingly subtracted from patients' busy schedules and lifestyles, healthcare providers struggle to multiply their means of communicating in more direct, effective ways that will divide them from the competition. But despite these efforts, things just aren't adding up. That's where Nova Healthcare Marketing enters the equation.