Once upon a time, there was a hospital called Fatima. And while surrounding hospitals, including well-known Boston facilities, were busy accepting surgical patients throughout the Northeast, Fatima was busy with a project of its own. The little area hospital was hard at work, building a state of the art surgical pavilion unlike any other in the region. But the perception that this small, Catholic hospital could provide the kind of cutting edge technology found at the bigger hospitals was going to be hard to break. So they called on Nova Healthcare Marketing to supply the happy ending.


Fatima Hospital, the only Catholic hospital in Rhode Island, found itself constantly overshadowed in an extremely congested region of healthcare competitors, including the larger Boston hospitals.


Because Fatima was perceived as a place of spiritual healing, rather than one of technological advancement and groundbreaking treatment, Nova's challenge was to break the perception that Fatima Hospital was "behind the times" in terms of technology and capabilities.


Nova launched an aggressive campaign introducing the hospital's state-of-the-art surgical pavilion using the element of surprise. A new tagline was carried throughout the campaign announcing that the future of surgery had come to Rhode Island through Fatima Hospital. Broadcast television and radio spots implied that the unnamed facility in the ads was found in Boston, but the surprise ending described the cutting-edge care at Fatima Hospital. A capabilities brochure and annual report were also created to further reposition the hospital and establish its credibility.