Applying the Principles of Retail to Healthcare

For more than 40 years Nova has helped create some of the most well-known and trusted retail brands in America. We've produced everything from print ads to broadcast—and perhaps, most important of all—we've produced results.

Bringing a powerful retail approach to healthcare, Nova is helping providers across the country increase patient admissions, fill facilities to capacity, improve donor support and improve communications with new and existing patients.

By studying healthcare facilities as a consumer experience, we are able to better understand patient perception, motivation and purchase patterns. We understand who's buying and why: the demographics and psychographics.

Using retail practices that help you become more customer-focused, we capture mindshare, make your organization top of mind and increase your revenue. From marketing plans and advertising campaigns to annual reports and capabilities brochures, Nova thinks creatively, targets correctly, executes flawlessly and evaluates continuously—all in an effort to build your customer base and improve your bottom line.

As retail thinkers, we understand how to produce traffic-driving healthcare marketing programs with results that really add up (see case studies).