Westerly Hospital

The Westerly Hospital was celebrating a birthday. This year, they had only one wish—to design an annual report that would be useful and informative for not only the hospital staff, but also for the community. At the same time, they hoped to celebrate a milestone— the hospital was marking its 75th anniversary and making some exciting changes. Luckily, their wish was Nova Healthcare Marketing's command.


The Westerly Hospital was facing an increasingly competitive regional market with a number of healthcare companies vying for area patients.


Nova Marketing was asked to create an annual report that would celebrate the hospital's 75th anniversary, explain the expansion of the hospital within its community focus, and present itself as informative and useful for fundraising efforts.


By designing a unique cover with the feel of a "Special Edition" annual report, Nova was able to honor the hospital and celebrate its milestone anniversary. They chose a theme based on a quilt that was designed by the hospital's auxiliary and, after much research into the area's history, used different icons from the quilt, allowing them to tie the main message back to the community. Nova also created a series of profiles that connected the community to the staff at The Westerly Hospital. Nova used their stories to showcase the benefits of the hospital's expansion and to encourage area residents to contribute to the hospital's growth.